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How do we know what we know?

Meet Futuraity

Futuraity™ (recently changed its name from MSAI) was created by a team with backgrounds in retail and services, in consumer research and strategic marketing and tactical media (traditional and digital) planners. Futuraity™ to offer an Artificial Intelligence predictor tool specifically for retailers and service providers.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not new. 
In fact it has been used for decades in a multitude of industries. With success.

NEW in 2021… Futuraity™ colleagues got together early on in 2020.  The topic to brainstorm:  How do we take old/new/tracking data that businesses have, but aren’t using to its fullest potential and predict changes in consumer behaviors, trends and targeting best prospects?  The result:  Embark upon additional ways to empower businesses targeting the many, new consumer segments in our ever-changing marketplaces.

Welcome to the next generation of reaching consumers.
Capture the power of adding data to the Futuraity™ model.
It’s called Human Awareness AI.

The Futuraity™ model focuses directly on working with retailers, service providers and agencies to get to the next layer of data solutions by using market data, specific client data and secondary data sources along with a custom/trained Artificial Intelligence engine.

Businesses examine their market, industry trends, and even specific data. Compare and adjust your strategy and tactics from the past, current and future predictive findings.

Are. You. Ready?

The Vision

Early on in 2020, without the use of a crystal ball, the co-founders of Futuraity™ stayed the course and launched in March of 2021. “After understanding the opportunity to discover, confirm or reject an idea for generating success in the new normal and beyond, the impact was worth the risk to launch Futuraity™,” states Chelle Barth, Co-Founder.

Barth adds, “It just makes sense for an affordable Artificial Intelligence model that local market retailers and service providers can subscribe to directly.”

Futuraity™ believes pain points are now opportunities for (re)building success. Businesses can examine their market, industry trends, and even their specific data.

Futuraity™ and their strategic partner (Willow), an industry-leading, next generation artificial intelligence firm, created an intelligent self-learning solution with a pre-trained AI model specifically for Futuraity™ INSIGHT and RETAIL tools. 

Futuraity™’s AI model allows businesses to implement the quick and necessary updates/changes to their inventory, environment, customer shopping/purchasing options, personalized messaging, promotions, product launches and media (traditional/digital) campaigns, and more.

Are. You. Ready? If not, we predict you will schedule a call when you are.