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With Artificial Intelligence, pain points are now opportunities for (re)building success. You choose which prediction report is right for you. Available predictors include Geography, Constant Predictions, Questions Sets and Categories/Themes. With vast possibilities, Futuraity™ makes recommendations on which Prediction Report is a fit for your business.

Below are the Futuraity™ Predictor Report descriptions for Market, Category, Insight and Retail reports.

Market Prediction

Your Market, Your Predictions

MARKET. Start with your market.
Specify the MARKET you are interested in.  A Market Prediction Report reveals:

▪ Trending Now
▪ Market Overview with category highlights
▪ Consumer Segment Overview 
▪ Influences on Behaviors

Category Prediction

Your Category, Your Predictions

CATEGORY. You receive industry reports and happenings in your market, but do those reports have an Artificial Intelligence (AI) element that reports opportunities not seen by traditional data? Move to the next level with a Category Prediction Report.

Specify the CATEGORY in which your business is classified. A Category Prediction Report reveals:

▪ Pertinent category items
▪ Likelihood to purchase
▪ Options for shopping, purchasing and receiving experiences
▪ Consumers segments with unique, high indexing behaviors

Predictions Just For You

Your Data, Your Predictions

ALL ABOUT YOU! Been looking for a resource or tool that lends itself to your business specifically? Let’s reserve time to talk about how your specific data can be feed into the Futuraity™ models, INSIGHT and RETAIL.

INSIGHT integrates your data, together with the Futuraity™ model, to report specific insights and predictions that may provide opportunities to address pain points and make updates/changes to your strategy and tactics.

▪ Primary data
▪ Chatbot data
▪ Secondary category data
Futuraity™ predictor modeling

INSIGHT results reveal a variety of information from consumer segments, inventory for your location vs. your website, which media is most influential and relevant…and, more.

Need Something More Custom?

Ready to get into your specific shopper data?

Futuraity™ RETAIL (for Retailers and Service Providers) is the tool for you. Only you can provide these types of data that will be integrated into the Futuraity™ model.

RETAIL predictor models and shopper segments combined with their purchase behavior and your specific inventory reveals options so you can make the updates/changes to what your customers want from you.

Ask for a one-time snapshot or ongoing monthly analysis, your data from transactions, commerce and accounting provide a means to dig deeper into how you can best manage your business.