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Artificial Intelligence Frequently Asked Questions

What is Artificial Intelligence?

Artificial Intelligence can mean many things, but it all boils down to smart data processing. Futuraity™ model developer ( loads data into the model and then trains the AI system to start reviewing the data for significant “up-curves,” trends, and actionable tactics to implement from content, media suggestions (traditional and digital) and inventory .

Trends can be anything and everything. The Futuraity™ model notices correlations without the margin of error human analysts suffer from.

Futuraity™ takes AI a step further and uses Human Awareness AI (HAAI).

This is an AI model that recognizes human behavior patterns and makes correlations with historical data to make predictions. This is what makes Futuraity™ the tool for you. You receive the insights on past patterns, information on new trends, and predictions for the future.

Now, that’s a tool that equips to you to stay ahead of your competition.

How can Artificial Intelligence benefit me?

The Futuraity™ model notices trends in data.

Once trends are identified, (ie. maybe you sell more red sweaters on Sundays because the Red Hat Club meets on Mondays), and highlighted, you may possibly tweak your strategy or tactics. (ie. buy more red sweaters for your brick n mortar location).

Or, what happens if your online orders need reminder emails/alerts every 15 days vs. every 30 days? Inventory and competition. Or, should you offer a recurring purchase plan?

Or, what if you discover contextual targeting gets better results when using a refined keyword list?

Do you even know if potential consumers know you have the merchandise (or services, or customer service, or environment) they want and expect?

Just a few of the benefits to you.

When should I implement AI?

We predict that you will add Artificial Intelligence as a tool when you’re ready.

AI can be used at any stage of a business’ life span, it applies to a variety of aspects. Merchandise, environment, customer service, safe shopping, marketing, ordering, pricing, staffing, etc.

AI notices everything from trends in your sales to an increase in your employment costs. Futuraity™ is specialized to crawl industry, market, category, and sales data with relevant external factors and data. This allows the AI model take information and connect trends, in one data set, and find trends in others along with explanations. The results provide actionable deliverables that are used to address/correct issues or to increase revenue.

What are your pain points? Are. You. Ready?

Where can Artificial Intelligence take me?

Anywhere you want to go. Artificial Intelligence is limited only by the data sets available.  

If you have the data, Futuraity™ can give you the insight. 

Artificial Intelligence is the best, new “take action” tool for your business. 

Data is created in all aspects of our lives, but most of the time it ends up in some data silo and is forgotten.  

AI takes that data, and looks through all of it, then pulls highlight based on your needs. Suddenly, all of the data you collected becomes usable. 

Data is a huge asset to any business when used correctly, but most businesses don’t know how to begin.  

As a result, data just sits…either unused or underused.  

If this sounds like you, we predict that you’ll schedule an appointment to speak with one of our Futuraity™ Predictor Advisors. 

Who can benefit from AI?

It is limitless when it comes to who can benefit.

Are. You. Ready? Ready to integrate a new tool?

Retailers and service providers, and other customer-facing businesses, need to understand how AI can assist them. With Futuraity™ (and, mining your existing data in an already built AI Model and delivering the insights, you gain the capability to understand and predict trends.

The result is a deeper understanding of the market, category, and consumer behaviors, which creates smarter businesses and more targeted approaches to reaching customers. The customer benefits because they are suddenly presented with more targeted information that delivers them directly to their need(s). Rather than shoppers wasting time sorting through marketing, they find what they actually want quicker.

How Does A Business Begin to Integrate AI into Its Strategy and Tactics

Futuraity™ Predictor Reports

Which Futuraity™ predictor report is the right one for you?  That’s where a conversation comes in. That’s when you say, “I. Am. Ready”. 


If a business is less than one year old, has little to no data, but has a great concept and wants to have an understanding of the marketplace, then the Market and Category predictor reports are good places to begin.  

If your business has a significant amount of data (primary, secondary or transactional) INSIGHT and/or RETAIL are the two client specific/custom report(s) from which you will choose.  

Market – Quarterly market updates and trends. Information of categories to watch and consumer behaviors are changing. 

Category – Significant monthly findings for your category/industry. An overview with consumer segments and media usage trends and changes. 

INSIGHT – Monthly integration of your data, primary or secondary, into the Futuraity™ model. A specific prediction report each month based on your pain points, needs and tracking. (Secure data uploads for data review and then integration into the Futuraity™ model. Client data is anonymous to the AI Model and never will be shared after the integration.)   

RETAIL – Monthly integration of your specific data: transactional/commerce/accounting in order to uncover opportunities for identifying purchase behaviors, inventory strategy, efficient business processes. (Secure data uploads for data review and then integration into the Futuraity™ model. Client data is anonymous to the AI Model and never will be shared after the integration.)