How Does A Business Begin to Integrate MSAI AI into Its Strategy and Tactics?

by | Mar 4, 2021

That’s where a conversation comes in. That’s when you say, “I. Am. Ready”.

Businesses with little, to no data, but with a great concept and wants to have an understanding of the marketplace, then the Market and Category predictor reports are good places to begin.

Businesses with significant amounts of data (primary, secondary, transactional) INSIGHT and/or RETAIL are the two client specific/custom report(s) from which you will choose.
Market – Quarterly market updates and trends. Information of categories to watch and consumer behaviors that are changing. Category – Significant monthly findings for your category/industry. An overview with consumer segments and media usage trends and changes.
INSIGHT – Monthly integration of your data*, primary or secondary, into the MSAI model: A specific prediction report each month based on pain points, needs & tracking.
RETAIL – Monthly integration of your specific data*: transactional/commerce/accounting in order to uncover opportunities for identifying purchase behaviors, inventory strategy, efficient business processes.

(*Secure data uploads. Client data is anonymous to the AI model.)