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Client Subscriptions

Select the predictor report(s) below that are appropriate for your business.

Market, Category, Insight and Retail.

You can now have Artificial Intelligence (AI) Tools that upload Client Specific Data into a trained AI Model at a fraction of the cost most businesses spend. Why, because the Futuraity™ AI Model is already built to assist you. There are no development costs.

The Futuraity™ engine is educated to seek and find answers to your pain points on a monthly basis.

Some businesses have techies on their teams with higher levels of AI experience. Others will not. Futuraity™ pricing is actually less than the cost of having a data scientist or social media expert on your team. Futuraity™ predictor reports are also the tool for advertising, public relations and content agencies to build and refine client strategies.

Futuraity™ created these solutions so retailers and services providers can begin right away. Your business can advance with Artificial Intelligence (AI) when you’re ready to move forward.

Level one & two:

Overview, Insights and Findings

Market Prediction

A quarterly report based on your market


      • Trending Now
      • Market Overview with highlights for your category
      • Consumer Overview describing segment opportunities
      • Influences on Behaviors for new to reaching target customers

- Dollars Per Year-

Category Prediction

A monthly report based on your category


    • Category Overview Report

    • Significant Findings

    • Data Updates

    • Define Customer Segments

    • Create Better Media Strategies/Tactics and more

- Dollars Per Month-

Level three:

Integrate Your Data into Futuraity™ Model for


A) Futuraity™ INSIGHT integrates Your Primary or Secondary Data into the Futuraity™ Model.


    • Custom Analysis Reports each month

    • One-time-only set up fee starting at $750.00

    • Client Operated Futuraity ™ App available*

    • Data Science team assigned

    • Online Dashboard

- Dollars Per Month-


B) Futuraity™ RETAIL analyzes Shopper Data (transactions, commerce, accounting) and then integrates the data into the Futuraity™ Model.


    • RETAIL Analysis Report
    • Recommendations for Inventory Location In-Store vs. Online
    • Recommendations to Increase Revenue
    • Cut Costs, Automate Operations and Optimize Results.
    • One-time-only set up fee starting at $750.00

    - Dollars Per Month-

    (*Ask about the Futuraity™ App to use at your business location to run reports -OR- tell Futuraity™ you’d rather have them do it and send it to you. Also Available: Consulting by request, with custom priced packages.)