What is Artificial Intelligence?

by | Feb 26, 2021

Artificial Intelligence can mean many things, but it all boils down to smart data processing.

Marshall Solutions AI’s (MSAI) model developer (Willow.aiTM) loads data into the model and then trains the AI system to start reviewing the data for significant “up-curves,” trends, and actionable tactics to implement from content, media suggestions (traditional and digital) and inventory .

Trends can be anything and everything. The MSAI model notices correlations without the margin of error human analysts suffer from.

MSAI takes AI a step further and uses Human Awareness AI (HAAI).

This is an AI model that recognizes human behavior patterns and makes correlations with historical data to make predictions. This is what makes Marshall Solutions AI the tool for you. You receive the insights on past patterns, information on new trends, and predictions for the future.

Now, that’s a tool that equips to you to stay ahead of your competition.